Industrial Electronics Contract Manufacturing: The Complete Package

Many tech companies cut costs by relying on other support companies to provide services or products at a lower cost. It is important for an electronic contract manufacturing services company to meet all of your needs. At Star Engineering, we can provide all of your electronic manufacturing services at a one stop shop. With over forty years of experience, we have become a leader among electronic contract manufacturing services companies.

With Star Engineering as your company’s manufacturing partner, we offer end to end services. If companies need help with engineering, product design, development, new product introduction, or after-market support, Star Engineering has the answer. We can provide all of your EMS contract manufacturing services.

What Services Will Contract EMS Provide?

A full-service manufacturing partner, Star Engineering strives to cut costs by delivering state-of-the-art solutions of the highest quality. When companies partner with us, they can expect to find an invested partner. One who is committed to delivering products and services that exceed expectations.

  • PCB Fabrication
  • PCB Assembly
  • Cable Harness Assembly
  • Contract Design

PCB Fabrication

Star Engineering understands the importance of bottom line thinking when working with tech companies. Providing printed circuit board fabrication of the highest quality, companies will be impressed with the low cost of our products. During our fabrication process, we offer:

  • Milling Circuit Boards
  • Perforated Plates
  • Toner Transfer Method
  • Etched Circuit Boards

We can also offer quick turn protyping and mix both low and high-volume production lines to meet your needs and engineering support during your company’s design phase.

PCB Assembly

One reason we are a leader among electronic contract manufacturing companies is our inhouse manufacturing assembly services. We are able to offer superior products with the fastest turn around rate of any company in the United States. Our expert team of engineers offers:

  • Surface Mount
  • Single and Double-Sided PCB
  • Through Hole
  • Metal Core PCB
  • Rigid and Flexible PCB
  • Multi-Layer PCB
  • Rigid-Flex PCB

Cable Harness Assembly

This is a crucial component to any company developing new prototypes. All types of cable harnesses are available through Star Engineering and come with a high-quality guarantee. They are incredibly durable and designed to operate in the harshest environments with no issues. Designed to never fail, companies can count on their cable harness assemblies from Star Engineering. Star Engineering also offers orders in bulk to cut costs.

Contract Design

Companies partnering with Star Engineering can reap the benefits of our expert team of contract writers. They can help design contracts to ensure your company gets a complete electronics solution to satisfy all of their needs. Ensuring analytics and product testing are part of your contract can help your company rest easy in Star Engineering’s hands.

Reach out to Star Engineering today!

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