Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

Printed circuit board assembly is the process of soldering or assembly of electronic components to a printed circuit board or PCB. Star Engineering is a full-service manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies, providing complete solutions for all types of requirements. Being a skilled custom PCB assembly manufacturer, our services include designing, testing, prototyping and manufacturing followed by complete support. We provide both surface mount (SMT assemblies) and through hole PCB apart from any custom requirements of your processes.

Star Engineering is a Massachusetts based company who has positioned itself as the most reliable and versatile PCB assembly manufacturer in the US market today.

Quick Turn Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Star Engineering provides one stop solutions for custom printed circuit board assembly and fabrication. You can choose to provide us with designs and materials for your printed circuit board or make use of our turn-key solutions. In both scenarios, we guarantee complete satisfaction and support. In operation since 1980, we have the requisite experience and expertise to join a project at any time deemed fit by the client and provide high-quality solutions for custom circuit board assembly in various industries like network & communications, military, industrial equipment, automation equipment, robotics and more.

With us, you are guaranteed the latest technology and products which meet all industry standards. We are held in high regard for being able to provide custom prototypes for even unique requirements and meeting deadlines with a superior quality printed circuit boards. All materials used in our PCBA go through stringent quality tests while the final product is also tested under various conditions to ensure that you get high efficiency in your process conditions. We have listed the leading Printed Circuit Board assembly company in the US.

SMT Surface Mount Technology

Latest SMT assembly equipment Placement capability 0201 to 15 mil pitch micro BGA Closed Loop Deionized wash systems Surface mount assemblies needs different SMT Equipment and expertise

Through Hole Technology

Wave soldering RoHs/Non RoHs Manual soldering for special projects and prototypes Mixed technology Printed Circuit Boards Final test and functional test capability Conformal Coating - Potting Encapsulation

Apart from printed circuit board assemblies, we also provide cable assemblies, harness assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies, SMT assemblies and engineering services. Get in touch with us to learn more about our printed circuit board manufacturing solutions, or get a quick PCB quote. We are among the leading PCB assembly companies in US.
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