About Us

Star Engineering is one of the best known companies in the field of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, Cable Assemblies and Mechanical Box Build Assemblies across North America.

We have been around since all the way back in the 1980’s and have accumulated an invaluable amount of experience in each of the fields listed. This also gave us lots of time to forge our rock-solid reputation for unfailing service and high industry standards when it comes to customer service and the quality of our products.

Why Choose Star Engineering Inc.

Here are a few of the many reasons our customers always come back to us for their needs.

Industry-leading provider of PCB’s, Cable Assemblies & Box Builds

We provide our clients with solutions customized down to the most minor details, making sure you get precisely what you need. We make use of our own manufacturing facilities for PCB production, guaranteeing quality and delivery timeframes which many of our competitors simply cannot match.

Instant and Excellent Customer Support

We are always there when you need us, responding in a timely fashion to every request and inquiry. Our customer service department is staffed with highly trained associates who deliver professional and friendly support to our current and potential customers.

Certified Quality Standards

Our quality assurance policy is not based on company integrity alone. It is also affirmed by various certifications recognized across North America. We are known for delivering only the best, most durable assemblies.

Create Value for the Customer

We work with our customers on an individual basis, making sure what we deliver matches your needs precisely. Moreover, we have a staff of Program Managers on board that help clients work out those needs, helping develop a raw idea into a comprehensive PCB or assembly designs.

Affordable and Competitive Pricing

Having all of our manufacturing done in house, as well as running a large but centralized operation allows us to reduce production and delivery costs. We then pass on those savings over to our customers, creating a high quality product at relatively low costs.

This is just a short list of the things our clients across the US value about our company and the experience of working with us. We invite you to see for yourself! Star Engineering is here for you.