Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

STAR ENGINEERING, INC is a trusted electronic contract manufacturing company, dedicated to manufacturing and assembly solutions, assisting its customers with quality and consistency for a wide range of projects. Our electronic contract manufacturing services range from wire, cable and harness assemblies, all levels of electronic Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, through the most complex integrated solutions for complete electronic instrumentation and box-builds. Strong and multi-faceted, the Manufacturing Engineering group supported by the Supply Chain Management system is successfully providing “turnkey” services for any type of project or where it makes sense for our customers and us, we can operate with customer supplied materials.

Our Engineering and Quality teams are creating manufacturing documentation by configuring the most appropriate manufacturing processes and tools. They are testing products to the customer’s specifications or if required, develop our own solutions for calibration, test and other functional pre-ship operations.

Star Engineering, Inc. Quality Management System is ISO 9001-2015 certified, IPC-610 and IPC-620 compliant. Our Management, Engineering, Quality and Manufacturing teams are devoted to delivering products that meet or exceed customer expectations on-time, every-time.

Contract Manufacturing for PCB Assemblies

Star Engineering, Inc. is one of the renowned EMS contract manufacturing companies in the USA. Since 1980 we have been a leader in providing contract manufacturing for PCB assembly, printed circuit boards, cable assemblies, SMT assemblies to OEMs serving a wide range of industries. We focus on customer satisfaction and aim to provide the best quality and latest products to our customers. We have years of experience in EMS contract manufacturing.

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Star Engineering, Inc. is a full-service electronic contract manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies and printed circuit board fabrication, providing complete solutions for all types of requirements. Our electronic contract manufacturing services include designing, testing, prototyping and manufacturing followed by complete support. We provide both surface mount (SMT assemblies) and through hole assemblies apart from any custom requirements of your processes.

Cable and Harness Assemblies

Star Engineering, Inc. manufacturers cable assembly based on customer requirements, right from prototyping to production. Our wide range of cable assemblies include electronic cable assemblies, IDC flat ribbon cable assemblies, multi-conductor cable assemblies, coaxial cable assemblies, battery cable assemblies, wire jumpers, military and medical assemblies.

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

Star Engineering, Inc. provides Electro-Mechanical Assemblies (box builds) that includes Documentation Review and Development, Custom inventory management service, Inspection, calibration and function testing per customer specification, Custom labeling, packaging and shipping to stock or to end user, Full builds to order electro mechanical assembly capability, Energy management systems, & Completed product, shipped as if it came from the customers warehouse.

The Star Engineering, Inc. Advantage

  • Flexible Lean Manufacturing: Our lean manufacturing approach in electronic contract manufacturing is designed to adapt to the changing needs of our clients, ensuring efficient production processes that minimize waste and maximize value.
  • Vendor Managed Inventories: As part of our electronic contract manufacturing services, we manage inventory, providing a seamless supply chain solution that reduces overheads and ensures the timely availability of components.
  • Program Management: Our dedicated program managers oversee every electronic contract manufacturing project from inception to delivery, ensuring that all aspects meet our high standards and client expectations.
  • Quick turn and proto-type services: We enable our clients in the electronic contract manufacturing sector to accelerate their product development cycles and market entry, ensuring a competitive edge.
  • Cross trained workforce for maximum flexibility: Our workforce, skilled in various aspects of electronic contract manufacturing services, allows us to quickly adapt to project demands and maintain high-quality output under any circumstances.
  • Safety Stock programs: In our EMS contract manufacturing process, we maintain safety stock levels to mitigate supply chain risks, ensuring that production can continue smoothly without delays.
  • Kanban and JIT programs: Our Kanban and Just-In-Time (JIT) programs, integral to our electronic contract manufacturing services, are tailored to streamline production and inventory management.

Various Applications of Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM) is pivotal across many industries, offering tailored solutions that drive innovation and efficiency. Star Engineering, Inc., one of the leading electronic contract manufacturers, extends its expertise to diverse sectors, ensuring high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective products. Here’s how our electronic contract manufacturing services seamlessly integrate into various applications:

  • Consumer Electronics: As an electronic assembly manufacturer, we provide comprehensive solutions for gadgets and devices that shape daily life, from smartphones to home appliances, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.
  • Automotive Industry: Our contract electronics assembly services support the automotive sector by delivering advanced electronic components for navigation systems, infotainment, and safety features, enhancing vehicle performance and driver experience.
  • Aerospace and Defense: Reliability is paramount in aerospace and defense, and as one of the most proficient electronic contract manufacturing companies, we contribute to producing sophisticated electronics that withstand extreme conditions and rigorous use.
  • Medical Devices: In the critical healthcare field, our EMS contract manufacturing services ensure that medical devices, from diagnostic equipment to wearable health monitors, are produced with precision, reliability, and compliance with stringent regulatory standards.
  • Industrial Automation: We empower the industrial sector by providing electronic assembly contract manufacturer services to produce automation and control systems, helping businesses enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Through these applications, Star Engineering, Inc. demonstrates its versatility and commitment to excellence as an electronic assembly manufacturer, catering to the dynamic needs of electronic assembly companies and industries worldwide.

PCB Markets

As a leading electronic contract manufacturing company in the USA, we build circuit boards for aerospace, commercial industries, automotive, marine and medical markets. Electronic contract manufacturing companies help in the design, development, and sale of printed circuit materials.

If you require, electronic contract manufacturing services for PCB Assembly, get in touch with our PCB specialists team and we would be happy to help.