Cable Assemblies

Star Engineering manufacturers electronic cable assemblies based on customer requirements, right from prototyping to production. We offer full range of electronic cable and wiring harness assemblies for a variety of cables types, including flat ribbon, coaxial, battery, multi-conductor cables and more.

A cable assembly consists of cables and wires which are grouped together for convenient and efficient transmission of power or informational signals. It is also known as cable harness, wire harness or wiring loom and is an essential part of modern electronic devices, automobiles, construction machinery and others. Cable assemblies are used to make optimum use of the available space and prevent damages and disconnections due to movements and vibrations.

Whether it is a high-on demand flat cable assembly or any other, we are dedicated to using high quality materials resulting in assemblies which have high chemical resistance, EMI suppression and lot traceability. Made with reverse engineering, our cable assemblies are engineered for the toughest work environments with even the complex assemblies being rugged, dependable and of high signal integrity.

We provide connector encapsulation with epoxy and polyurethane potting compounds and work with all types of electrical jacketed cables, whether unshielded or multi-shielded. Being an experienced electronic cable assemblies manufacturer, we understand the importance of cable assemblies in your machinery and ensure that they go through visual inspection as well as 100% electrical test with Cirrus testers in order to ensure minimum downtime and troubles.

A key factor that distinguishes Star Engineering from other cable assembly companies is our in-house manufacturing capability. Our cable assembly solutions are manufactured for various industries like medical, automotive and manufacturing to name a few. We also provide customized solutions for electronic cable assemblies according to our customers. Contact us for the latest and the best in cable assemblies.

Multi-conductor Cable Assemblies

Multi-conductor cables are electrical cables which consist of multiple numbers of conductors with insulation sheaths placed in a single cable. These type of cables are used in communication systems, data transmission systems, audio systems, high voltage power transmission. A multi-conductor...

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Star Engineering manufactures a wide range of custom coaxial cable assemblies. These include BNC, SMA, SMB TNC and other RF cable assemblies. Our cable assemblies are flexible, low loss, semi-rigid, and conformable. Any number of materials can be used to...

Battery Cable Assemblies

Star Engineering manufactures complete range of battery cable assembly sizes up to 4/0 awg that is specifically engineered for even the toughest environments. Battery Cable Assembly is basically designed to assist small-business and service providers with their requirement of assembly...

IDC Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Any pin count from 2 to 50 per row. Typically, theseĀ assembliesĀ are used as interconnects for internal peripherals. Can be folded into a custom configurations where spacing constraints are a limited.

Wire Jumper Assemblies

Simple wiring going from one place to another. Great for jumping from board to board. Using terminals, switches and small pin count connectors.

Military Assemblies

Our assemblies are rugged, dependable, and of high signal integrity. Military ground equipment, field communication links, inter-shelter communications. Airborne systems, remote weapons control links, and marine systems.

Medical Cable Assemblies

Working with all types of electrical jacketed cables, whether unshielded or multi-shielded. Monitoring equipment to Diagnostic and Imaging systems. Chemical resistance, Lot traceability and EMI suppression.

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