QN-005 Non-Conforming Material


Non-Conforming Material

  1. The seller shall have a documented internal system or process that includes provisions to identify, segregate, and control nonconforming material to ensure the seller does not ship nonconforming material to Star Engineering.
  2. All nonconforming material must be withheld from shipments to Star Engineering.
  3. The supplier will not be delegated the authority to process non-conformance’s or to establish an MRB for material specified on the Purchase Order for any buyer materials; unless expressly conveyed in writing by the buyer’s Supply Chain Representative.
  4. The only condition under which the Seller can ship nonconforming product to Star Engineering is after receiving written permission from Star Engineering:

4.1 To do this, the specifics of the non-conformance must be submitted to Star Engineering for review.

  1. When shipping nonconforming material, the following must be done:

5.1 The defective material must be clearly identified as nonconforming with clear marking in a non-permanent method or tagged as such if approved for shipment.

5.2 A copy of any buyer’s authorization to ship document must accompany the material and a copy sent to the Star Engineering Supply Chain Representative who will send to project Quality Assurance engineer upon receipt.