Importance of JCP certification in Contract Manufacturing Industry

A Joint Certification Program (JCP) is an essential matter when it comes to CNC machining. In fact, a must have qualification for a machine shop is the Joint Certification Program (JCP) certification. The certification demonstrates a machine shop is better equipped to conduct electronic contract manufacturing services. There are a variety of services available, including milling turning, laser cutting, laser etching, laser engraving, close tolerance machining and small part machining. However, let’s dive into more benefits of JCP certification:

History of the JCP and Benefits

JCP dates back to 1985. The history behind JCP is extensive but also imperative. Contactors with JCP certification receive exclusive access to unclassified military technical data. The data produces quality military and aerospace equipment and technologies. This data is especially valuable when working on CNC machining projects for the Department of Defense and aerospace industries.

JCP certification is not bought and exclusively awarded to electronic contract manufacturing companies that have met specific requirements and high standards. Even if your project does not require JCP certification related services, it is still beneficial to put your project in the hands of a JCP certified machine shop. As it means your project is being handled by a facility which has met rigorous quality and security standards in electronic contract manufacturing.

Star Engineering

When in need of electronic contract manufacturing services, Star Engineering has you covered. Star Engineering is a trusted manufacturing company that is compliant with the JCP certification. Offering a wide variety of services from wire, cable, and harness assemblies, Star Engineering can assist with providing service for complex solutions.

Star Engineering further provides PCB assembly services. The customer service provided has been around since 1980. Engineers have assisted from start to finish with providing PCB assemblies in a proper manner that go through extensive testing, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Cable and harness assemblies are also offered at Star Engineering based on the needs of customers. From prototyping to production, assemblies include multi-conductor cable assemblies, IDC flat ribbon cable assemblies, electronic cable assemblies, coaxial cable assemblies, and military and medical assemblies.

When partnering with Star Engineering, customers can expect an advance of flexible manufacturing, vendor-managed inventories, program management, safety stock programs, quick turn and proto-type services, and more.

Why Star Engineering

Star Engineering is one of the top manufacturing shops to go to for electronic needs. On top of being JCP certified, Star Engineering is also ISO 9001-2015 certified, IPC-610, and IPC-620 compliant.

Services provided by Star Engineering have been entrusted by many in different industries, including the aerospace industry. Many of the most high demand services include small part machining and assembly. From design to finish, industries can entrust Star Engineering to know exactly how to succeed. For more information, contact Star Engineering.

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