The Crucial Role of Shielding in Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies are crucial in a variety of fields. These particular assemblies are utilized in nearly every industry or within multiple electronic devices. To be more specific, cable assemblies are groups of wires or cable that are organized into a single unit and are used in many industrial applications. In electronic cable assemblies, electrical noise is emitted and negatively impacts the cables through Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). EMI disrupts electronic equipment and its surrounding components, which can lead to poor signal quality and data loss. Therefore, it is essential to ensure cables are successfully preserved from EMI.

How Protection is Provided and Different Types

To protect against EMI, cable assembly manufacturers produce cable shielding, which encapsulates the conductor inside the cable and provides necessary protection in two ways. First, the electromagnetic energy is reflected away from the cable. Second, the electrical noise is picked up then grounded.

Inevitably, some EMI passes through the cable, however, it has been highly reduced to where it does not negatively impact the cable. Fortunately, there are a variety of shields available in cable assemblies depending on the application it will be used in.

Shields Used in Cable Assemblies

Two common shields are foil sheaths and metal braids. Foil sheaths give 100% coverage to the cable and components. It consists of a thin layer of metal such as aluminum or copper attached to a carrier including a polyester or Polypropylene. Furthermore, metal braids are built as a woven mesh constructed from bare or tinned copper wires. The mesh surrounds the core of the cable.

For necessary applications, stainless steel or silver plated copper braid construction is available. In addition, metallic braids are the best option for frequency interference as they provide greater termination and lower DC resistance than foil sheaths. As can be seen, shielding for cable assemblies is necessary to protect electronic equipment.

Star Engineering

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Cable assemblies are used for multiple industries and are a part of many devices, such as automobiles, construction machinery, and more. Star Engineering experts are dedicated to providing high quality cable solutions that are highly chemical resistant for every industry.

Consumers should turn to Star Engineering because they provide in house manufacturing. Cable assemblies provided by star engineering are customly designed according to the needs of customers. So when in need of battery, coaxial, and multi-conductor assemblies, contact Star Engineering today.

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