How Ideal Are Flat Cables for Military and Aerospace Applications?

Different kinds of cables are more suitable for different kinds of scenarios. For example, because flat cables do away with many of the layers traditionally used in round cables, including fillers, jacketing, and shielding, flat cable assembly is the perfect solution for military and aerospace applications.

Keep reading below to gain a deeper understanding of why flat cables are the best choice for military and aerospace applications.

Lighter and Less Bulky

When it comes to the inside of military or aerospace machines, space is often very limited. Therefore, flat cables, which typically take up far less room than their rounded counterparts, are the perfect solution. In fact, thanks to their individually wrapped design and single-layer profile, flat cables use up to 50% less space than round cables.

Another important factor in military or aerospace applications is weight. While it may seem odd to think of cables as being capable of throwing off an aerospace vehicle’s balance, in a world that operates with such precision, it’s certainly a possibility. This explains yet another reason why flat cables (even ribbon cable assemblies) are ideal for these types of scenarios–because of their lighter weight.

More Flexible and Durable

Sudden movements, jerking, and contortion are commonplace within the military and aerospace worlds. Therefore, cables that can withstand such demanding, constantly flexing and twisting applications are necessary. Flat cables are far superior to round cables in this regard.

This is largely due to flat cables being protected individually and not wrapped many times like round cables. This results in a much thinner profile capable of far greater flexibility (think about how much more you can contort a bendy ruler before it breaks compared to a wooden one). The construction of flat cables also provides them with a very small bend radius, allowing them to be shaped and formed to more complex shapes and systems.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for cables for military or aerospace applications, flat cable assembly is the way to go. Flat cables offer a more minimal design that makes them more suitable for weight- and space-sensitive applications than round cables. Plus, they’re far more capable of withstanding harsher use over long periods of time.

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