Enhancing the Capabilities of Circuit Board Assemblers

Nearly all electrical devices on earth require a circuit board to be able to operate properly. Because of how intricate circuit board assembly is, with its extensive soldering and/or assembly of electronic components, many companies opt for a professional touch.

If you’re in need of PCB assembly yourself, then you only want to deal with circuit board assembly services with a proven track record of quick turnarounds, high-quality products, and quick adoption of new technologies. Learn what modern-day circuit board assemblers are capable of, and therefore what you should look for when narrowing down your own electronic circuit board assembly options, below.

Experienced Full-Service Manufacturer

First and foremost, you want to look for a company with extensive experience in circuit board assembly. Star Engineering is a US-based PCB manufacturer that has been in operation since 1980—you can view their 40 years of PCB experience as a testament to the kind of high quality you can expect from them.

Beyond this, you also don’t want to have to go to different companies for different parts of the manufacturing process. Therefore, prioritize companies that offer designing, testing, prototyping, and manufacturing all in-house.

Customization and Turn-Key Solutions

Beyond just experience, you want to look for a company that can cater to your specific needs, no matter what they are. Therefore you should look for companies with experience in a number of different industries, such as network and communications, military, industrial equipment, automation equipment, robotics, and others.

You should also prioritize companies that use the latest in surface mount assembly equipment and through-hole technology, in addition to being able to meet any other custom requirements you might have. If customization isn’t as important to know as turn-key solutions, then this also deserves to be considered in your decision when choosing the right company.

Thorough Testing Procedures

There’s no excuse for a delivered PCB that doesn’t work. To avoid this scenario, always inquire into a company’s PCB testing procedures. This testing shouldn’t just indicate whether or not your PCB actually works, but also that it works under the conditions in which you plan to use it.

To connect with a PCB manufacturer that embodies all of the ideal characteristics described above, pay a visit to Star Engineering today. You can learn more about our specific circuit board assembly services, or get a speedy quote for your specific PCB needs.

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