All You Need to Know About Quick Turnaround PCB Assemblies and Its Manufacturers

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) consist of connected electrical components consisting of wiring to work a device. PCBs are beneficial for convenience, including the interconnection of components and wiring, limited usage of space at a lower weight, and more. PCBs have been increasing in requirements as their use has been on the rise over the past few years. Customers are demanding products with PCB components at a higher and faster rate. Quick turn PCB assembly manufacturers need to keep themselves updated on recent trends and ensure they are competitive enough. Contract manufacturing PCB assembly must keep up with requirements to ensure efficiency.

Leading Manufacturing

Electronic contract manufacturing companies have the tools and machines needed to produce PCBs. Manufacturers play a massive role in providing quick turnaround times for PCBs since the tasks and techniques needed to make these devices are not available to simply anyone. Creating PCBs takes time and effort that can be unaffordable. Experienced manufacturers have what it takes to produce high quality and quick PCBs to meet urgent deadlines. Manufacturers also provide different shapes of PCBs that are reliable. An experienced manufacturer also knows that it is needed to make PCBs. With multiple years of experience, manufacturers have multiple solutions to choose from. Manufacturers also provide clients the chance to customize their PCBs while still maintaining a quick turnaround time.

As mentioned, manufacturers know what needs to happen in order to create reliable PCBs. Clients can trust that from design to testing, a PCB product is high quality. Choosing a PCB manufacturing company that understands rules and is compliant with codes is essential.

Star Engineering

When choosing a PCB manufacturing company to partner with, consider Star Engineering. As an electronic contract manufacturing company, Star Engineering is able to produce assembly solutions that assist clients with their goals. From wire, cable, and harness assemblies, PCB assemblies are constructed through complex integrated solutions. Before products are shipped out to customers, they are tested to ensure that specifications and functionality are accurate according to customer needs.

Providing high quality PCB boards in the United States since 1980, Star Engineering is a leader in PCBs, cable assemblies, SMT assemblies to OEMs, and more. As a full service electronic contract manufacturer, complete solutions for all types of requirements are met. Star Engineering provides circuit boards for aerospace, commercial industries, automotive, marine, and medical markets. Assisting in the design, development, and sale of printed circuit materials, a PCB specialist at Star Engineering is happy to help. Focusing on customer satisfaction, get what you need when choosing Star Engineering. For more information about PCB development, contact Star Engineering today or visit their website.

How to Increase Yield of PCB Assemblies

By getting an experienced PCB assembly manufacturer to handle your printed circuit board assemblies, it can help to save your company a significant amount of time and resources that would otherwise be spent trying to create this technology yourself. Plus, it can help you to achieve significantly higher-quality PCBs since these exceptional PCB assembly companies are going to know how to optimize the performance of these components.

One of the ways that they can help to do this is by increasing the yield of the printed circuit board assemblies. Here is how they are able to accomplish the process of increasing the yield of PCBs.

Use Solder Paste Wedges

Anyone who is even somewhat familiar with PCB assembly will likely know that one of the most common methods of applying solder paste to the PCB is going to involve applying it in the form of a rectangle. This is because the pads are likely going to be rectangular, which means that the average PCB assembly manufacturer is going to see applying the paste in this shape as being the best option.

However, this is not the case and using applying the solder paste in a rectangular shape can actually be just as limiting for the PCB performance as it would be if they applied too much or too little of the solder paste.

Why Solder Paste Wedges Increase Yield

When it comes to the paste shapes used on your PCBs, you need to use a shape that allows you to use as little paste as possible without having it reach the point where it begins to negatively impact the PCB performance.

By using rectangular paste shapes, it drastically increases the possibility of experiencing bridged leads as a result of there being too much paste on the pads. However, when someone decides to switch to wedge paste shapes, the amount of paste is decreased, which means there is very little chance of the PCB having bridged leads.

Using wedge paste shapes also has the benefit of increasing the amount of distance between the shapes, which is a big contributor to the amount of yield that the PCB has. Together, these reasons are what makes using solder paste wedges the most effective tool for increasing the yield of printed circuit board assemblies.

Make sure to get PCB assemblies with exceptional yield by getting us to handle your printed circuit board assemblies at Star Engineering.

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