Various Types of Cable Assemblies

Searching for the right cables can be a challenge. With multiple cables to choose from it is vital to know the different types. Each cable is customized according to specific needs. Once you realize the cable you need, quick turn cable assemblies from experts can reduce the amount of time you go without the needed product. To help you determine which cable is best, here are the top most common:

RF/EMI Cable Assemblies

A radio frequency is bothersome, but it is not preventative. RFI is radio frequency interference, and EMI is electromagnetic interference. EMI can occur as a result of ignition symptoms, cellular networks, lighting, and more. To avoid continuous disturbance caused by interference, these cables can be configured to remove it.

Military Grade Cable Assemblies

These cables are required for field communication, airborne systems, marine systems, remote weapons control, inter-shelter communications, and military ground equipment

Molded Cable Assemblies

Molded cables are the most common cables that almost everyone will know and recognize. These cables are moreover known as HDMI cords. The molded assembly allows for a durable finished look.

Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Some cables can appear messy. However, flat ribbon cables are not. These cables are neatly bundled together. Commonly used in old computers, they are no longer used in many since they are difficult to fit into modern-day laptops. Ribbon cables are color-coded, so you can see what wire belongs in certain locations.

Multi-conductor Cable Assemblies

These are electrical cables that are made up of a vast amount of conductors with insulation sheaths. Multi-conductor cables are commonly used in communication systems, data transmission systems, audio systems, high voltage power transitions, and more.

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Commonly used for video signals and data and wireless connections, these cords are flexible, semi-rigid, and conformable.

Wire Jumper Assemblies

These cables are wiring that travels from one place to another and is great for the jumping board to board. The assemblies are made up of ground wire and terminals that connect different parts.

Medical Cable Assemblies

When it comes to medical equipment such as diagnostic and imaging machines, cables are needed. Medical cable assemblies consist of a chemical resistant material with EMI suppression.

Cable Assemblies at Star Engineering

When in need of cabling, custom cable assembly manufacturers can provide efficient service. Star Engineering produces electronic cables based on customer needs. Offering a wide variety of cable assemblies, such as flat ribbon, coaxial, batter, multi-conductor, and more, you are guaranteed to find what you need here. We are dedicated to using high-quality materials that result in high chemical resistance, EMI suppression, and lot traceability. Our cables are engineered for tough work environments and are dependable. If you are uncertain about what cabling you need, we will gladly assist. For more information, contact Star Engineering today.

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