How to Choose the Ideal PCB Assembly Partner

While printed circuit board, or PCB, assembly is a complex process, we’ve come to take them for granted. All consumers are worried about is will the product utilizing the PCB work the way it’s designed. There are numerous factors that come into play when assembly processes occur. When companies outsource their PCB assembly, there can be a great deal of trepidation. The circuit board assembly process can make or break many companies. If there are too many failures, consumers and business partners alike will no longer rely upon their products. 

Choosing a Printed Circuit Board Assembly Manufacturer

While it might seem obvious, it’s important to perform due diligence when looking to partner with a PCB assembly provider. If they do provide the services your company needs, then delve further into the qualities important to a successful relationship. 

The qualities most important to consider when looking to partner with printed circuit board assembly companies are listed below:

  • Adoption of DFMA
  • Adoption of DFT
  • Component Analysis
  • Custom PCB Assembly Capabilities
  • Turn-Around Time
  • Quality Standards

Adoption of DFMA

It is incredibly important for your PCB assembly partner to adopt designs for manufacturing and assembly techniques (DFMA) such as prototyping in both digital and physical methods. They need to be able to perform design and material analysis. By adopting DFMA, the contracted manufacturer will have a higher degree of design efficiency and lowered rate of failure. This only adds to the overall quality of manufactured PCBs.

Adoption of DFT

Performance is always a concern for PCB, so they have to adhere to the design for testability (DFT) guidelines. This only helps to further ensure the quality and performance of manufactured PCBs in both functionality and durability.

Component Analysis

It is important to inspect and test each component before it is mounted to the PCB. If the components are malfunctioning prior to installation, it can create issues for the entire functionality of the PCB. 

Custom PCB Assembly Capabilities

Customization has become easier and easer with today’s manufacturing capabilities. The PCB assembly partner you select needs to be able to meet all customization requirements specified.

Turn-Around Time

If the circuit board assembly needs to have a fast turn around time, it’s important the provider can meet those requirements. In many cases, if they are not designed to offer quick turn around times, but they push production, that can mean more mistakes and faulty PCBs in the end.

Quality Standards

Contract manufacturers need to be able to meet and exceed manufacturer standards in all aspects of the manufacturing process. This includes component standards as well as finished product standards.

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