How Can Wire Harness Revolutionize the Technology in Coming Years?

When it comes to technological advancement, standards have been at the center of it all. And, whether, you are dealing with the telecom industry, energy, or automotive, it has a role to play in all these. And with the latest ANSI/UL 62275 publication, the wire harness industry is now experiencing the same revolution.

In the past, manual operations have been at the core of the wire harness assembly industry. Often, it relied mainly on manual labor for the entire manufacturing process. But not anymore, with the current embrace of IEC 62275 by ANSI/UL 62275 in the United States and harmonization of IEC 62278- Europe, NMX-J-623-ANCE- Mexico, and CSA C22.2- Canada there’s an emergence of a significant opportunity for the manufacturer in this industry. That is, they can now sponsor high value, save, consistent quality, and efficiency.

Further, standard harmonization on cable ties, specifically those for electrical installations will yield test procedures for wire assembly manufacturers to carry out an intensive test on optimal installation temperature, operating temperature, and tensile strength. Others test includes plenum test, corrosion, vibration, and flame via a single organization. Keep in mind, this will include cable ties crafted from metal and plastic.

As a result of this move, clients from certain regions, let’s say the United States can rest assured that the product they receive is of high quality, exceptional performance, low-risk, and has reduced cost of installation.

And this is because, the supplier from whichever global body, are adhering to harmonized standards from regions like Europe, Mexico, Canada, and the US, among others. With the absence of harmonization, the wire manufacturing plant may have to use specific products according to the final destination.

Historically, there has never been a consistent performance or quality of the wire base standards. And this is because the cable management products have always accommodated various regional standards. These include the likes of European standards (EN/IEC), CSA Group, ANSI/UL from the US, and Mexico ANCE.

As a result, the benchmarking outcome is varying when it comes to certification and compliance tests. Because of this intricacy, clients for these products have never had a worthwhile benchmark or quality and performance. And the outcome is often unforeseen general business costs.

With the reduction of unique standards that were to be met plus testing requirements, quality and performance are now assured. Further, the 2019 update on wire standards marks a change of error from the regional standards such as ANCE. And because of this, it’s important to keep the clients updated on the new standards in this industry.

Last but not least, these changes are not only meant to provide quality products to a customer but also encourage innovations. These innovations cut across all sectors of the industrial market. Lastly, are you looking for wire harness manufacturing near me? Reach out to Star Engineering.

They are the leading producers in this industry. And that’s not all; they are providing customized services to meet every need of their client. And through in-house manufacturing, rest assured you’ll get the best quote.

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