Building Better Products with Surface Mount Contract Manufacturing

Surface Mounting Technologies (SMT) have dramatically changed modern-day manufacturing. Although customers and manufacturers have already identified a number of benefits, it seems that additional benefits surface every year.

For example, compared to the more conventional through-hole design of circuit boards, engineers using Surface Mount Technology to mount components onto the surface of the board directly, thus eliminating wires connecting the top and bottom.

As imagined, this creates an entirely new line of options for printing and circuit design. Due to the many advantages associated with Surface Mount Contract Manufacturing, printed circuit boards are of superior quality.

Primary Benefits

By choosing Surface Mount Contract Manufacturing products, you will enjoy several benefits. Following are just a few examples of the primary advantages.

  • Fewer Drilled Holes—For starters, with Surface Mount Contract Manufacturing, circuit boards have fewer drilled holes. Remember, each time a drill penetrates the board, physical strength decreases. However, with SMT the circuit board has greater tensile strength.
  • Higher Component Density—Another benefit associated with Surface Mount Contract Manufacturing is that SMT is capable of handling smaller components. In fact, the size of components continually decreases. As an example, the experts at Star Engineering can create components that measure less than a quarter of a millimeter across, thereby making it possible to add more systems onto just one circuit board and taking up less space.
  • Component Mounting—With Surface Mount Contract Manufacturing circuit boards, the professionals at Star Engineering can mount components on the top and bottom. Because there is no reason to reserve space for wiring, the overall size of the finished product is smaller. In addition, by using SMT, customers enjoy a reduction in the cost of manufacturing.
  • Quicker Prototyping—Before mass production of one product, manufacturing companies create a prototype. This allows customers and manufacturers to make changes without a huge expense. By using Surface Mount Contract Manufacturing, completing prototypes can be much quicker. As a result, the experts at Star Engineering can get the final product made faster, which saves the customer money and makes the end-user happy.

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