Wide Range of Benefits of SMT in the Marine Industries

No matter if you are working with small fishing boats or large ferries, you will rely heavily on printed circuit boards. Many pieces of equipment in these vessels use PCBs to function and each piece relies heavily on another to deliver high performance. Surface mount technology assemblies, also known as SMT assemblies, offer many benefits in the marine industries, regardless of your vessel’s size, specific devices, where you are heading, etc.

Here are several benefits of surface mount assemblies in the marine industries.

Reduced Sizes

One of the greatest advantages of SMT assemblies is the reduced size. This type of technology allows for much smaller units than in-hole assemblies. You can attach very small components to your boards and in high densities as well. This allows you to create a more advanced unit without sacrificing space on your vessel.

Additionally, you will not have holes taking up space on your board. This allows for more available space and the ability to create a more advanced unit.

Lightweight Design

You won’t have to worry about any extra weight holding you back with surface mount assemblies. These units are considerably more lightweight than in-hole products. With the right SMT assembly services, you may find that this type of product can weigh one-tenth of in-hole units.

Reduced Costs

With SMT assemblies, you may notice a significant reduction in overall costs. These types of units use fewer materials and less board space, reducing all material and handling costs. You also do not have the process of drilling holes and making other adjustments to the board, reducing labor costs as well.

Keep in mind that SMT assemblies will not always cost less than in-hole units but when working with the right SMT assembly services, these cost-saving benefits will be more apparent.

Faster Construction Times

Due to less labor throughout the construction process, surface mount assemblies are fast to build. You will not have to endure long construction times and you will have your units ready to go, allowing you to get on the water in less time.

At Star Engineering, we offer SMT assembly services for marine industries, as well as many others. We provide units that are small, lightweight, more budget-friendly than other components. We work hard to ensure your construction times are short and that you receive a unit with no complications. Contact us to learn more about our SMT assembly services

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