What Is the Significance of Circuit Board Assembly?

Having a component that runs smoothly and optimally is important no matter what it’s being used for. If there are any issues with the parts, it can throw off the entire system, and that’s why it’s so imperative to have the right circuit board manufacturing for your project.

The printed circuit board that you have in your system, no matter what the system is, is there to ensure that electricity is transferred smoothly from one component to another. The metallic insertions create the pathway for the electricity to move, and having the right type makes all the difference.

There is a difference between PCB board manufacturing and circuit board assembly, but both of them are significant and contribute to a well-functioning system. Below are some of the ways the assembly takes place to give you an optimum component for your system.

PCB Board Manufacturing

The first step in the process is to have a printed circuit board. In general, this is the piece in which the components will be affixed to your specifications and to ensure that the system it’s being placed into will run correctly. There are pathways that are marked on the surface so that it’s known where the other parts need to go.

What your project requires will determine where the pathways are placed on this board. If you have a project that can use or requires a board that’s common and for general use, you have the option of getting those. If you have a project that requires a special board with unique components and capabilities, it’s possible to order one of those too.

Circuit Board Assembly

There are a variety of ways to assemble a circuit board. It is recommended and advised that special attention and care is paid to the details of the process. It also requires absolute precision because this will determine whether or not the operation of the device is successful.

In general, there are three ways in which the boards can be assembled, and they include the following:

Plated through-hole technology

Building a board with this process includes having components that have leads attached to them. These come with drilled holes, and the components as the leads are inserted into the holes.

Surface mount assembly

This method is currently widely used by companies who do circuit board manufacturing. The process involves components that have metal tabs that are easily soldered to the PCB. It offers higher circuit densities because the components can be fixed to both sides with the proper soldering method.

Electro-mechanical assembly

This method is also known as the box-build assembly, and it involves using elements such as looms, wire harnesses, cable assembly, custom metalwork, and molded plastics to place the electronic components on the PCB.

Your project needs the right assembly to ensure that it will work effectively and efficiently. Whether it’s a common PCB board or a specialized one, having it done right is important. Star Engineering Inc. has the skill and ability to get you the components you need. Give us a call today to see how we can help.


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