What Cable Assemblies Do You Need for Your Application?

Determining what type of application you’re completing will help you figure out what cable assembly system you need. Among others, there are three common cable assembly groups that are likely to suit your application. Reviewing this list, you will be able to see which assemblies you will need reliable cable assembly manufacturers to create for you.

Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblies

A multi-conductor cable is an electrical cable that has multiple conductors with insulation sheaths, all located in a single cable. These cables are often used in data transmission systems, audio systems, communication systems, and high-voltage power transmission. The purpose of these cable assemblies is to allow for an extremely powerful transmission proficiency, as well as provide reliable, high-performance data on the assemblies.

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Coaxial cable assemblies come in a variety of different ranges. The most common assemblies are BNC, RF, SMA, SMB, and TNC. For the best quality coaxial cable assemblies, you want to look for flexible, semi-rigid, conformable assemblies. The benefits of using these cables include support of different frequencies, low error rates, and a high data transfer capacity. For these reasons, coaxial assemblies are unmatched in terms of quality and usage.

Battery Cable Assemblies

Most cable assembly manufacturers will have battery cable assembly sizes up to 4/0 AWG. These types of assemblies are specifically created to withstand the toughest environments. This type of cable assembly was designed to help smaller businesses and service providers with their assembly needs. Each assembly needs multiple slits and epoxy insulated sleeves for added protection. Since these assemblies can be used for a numerous amount of operations, they can jump around each industry with ease. Automotive, manufacturing, marine, medical, military, etc. are all industries that have been known to use this type of cable assembly.

Other Cable Assemblies

IDC flat ribbon, wire jumper, military, and medical assemblies are all of the other types of the best cable assemblies available. Each of these assemblies have their own unique way that they work. IDC flat ribbon tends to have spacing constraints as the internal peripherals can be custom configured. Wire jumper is best for wires needing to go from board to board. Military is dependable for airborne systems and remote weapons control links, and medical works best for monitoring equipment.

Whichever cable assembly system you choose from, Star Engineering has each of the cable assemblies mentioned available for you. If you’re having trouble deciding which assembly is right for you, they are more than happy to help.


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