What Are the Areas to Consider When Designing and Building Cable Assemblies?

When designing and building any project, you want to ensure that you have the right components and pieces so that everything works the way it’s supposed to. Without it, you will have a lot of issues you’ll have to deal with. No two projects are the same, and having the right cable assembly is incredibly important.

If you have a project that requires designing and building cable assemblies, there are some things you’ll need to consider. Knowing this information will ensure you get the right products for the right projects, and it may require a specialized solution. Some of the areas to consider are listed below.

1. Where will it be used?

It’s important to know what environment the cable assembly will be placed in because different materials work better in different places. Maybe your project needs an assembly that is flexible and conformable. That will take a different product than if you need something for military equipment, which generally needs to be dependable and rugged, as well as have a high signal integrity.

2. How will it be used?

Will the cable assemblies need to be cycled over pulleys? Or will they be used in a linear application? Knowing how it will be used will determine the best material to ensure that the product works the way it’s supposed to and doesn’t cause any issues for your project.

3. Will there be forces applied to the assembly?

If linear forces are going to impact the assembly, then having the right material to withstand that force is important. If twisting or shear forces are going to come into play for your project, then the assembly will more than likely require a different type of material so that it can stand up to what it has to go through.

4. What is the connection point configuration?

Again, all projects are different, so they have different requirements, including how the connection point is configured. Depending on how the assembly will be used and how rugged or flexible it needs to be or what type of environment it’s going to be in, that will decide what connection point will work best.

You may need a cable eye, ball, stud, or loop and sleeve combination. Each of these will impact how the system performs and relieve the stress that the cable will experience. Having the right connection point configuration for your project is important.

Thinking about these elements in the design phase of the project will ensure you get the right configuration and materials from the beginning. It will save a lot of issues down the road. Talking to cable assembly manufacturers and asking questions about the process can be incredibly beneficial.

At Star Engineers, Inc., we have the professionals and experience to help with any project you might have. We can design and build a cable assembly that will work for you and your project. Give us a call today!


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