The Value of Military Cable Assemblies

When it comes to military cable assemblies there are actually several different types. Each plays a critical role but has very unique components and capabilities. For instance, there are soldier electronic military assemblies that as the name implies are made for systems worn by soldiers in the field. Because of demand, the assemblies are extremely rugged, durable, and reliable. Among the different military branches, the US Army has long used these assemblies for two primary programs to include the Future Force Warrior and Land Warrior.

Soldiers depend on body worn systems and therefore, they use several different frequency shielding options for both radio and audio. There is also a stretchable cable that makes it possible for soldiers to wear equipment on the outside of armor or garments. This type of cable is not only more flexible and durable, it enhances overall comfort.

Military cable assemblies are also used specifically for communication systems. Again, these assemblies are extremely rugged in order to withstand combat situations. Included are cables that are shielded to ensure communication in the field maintains integrity at all times. Assemblies are also designed to handle all types of environmental challenges to include temperature variances, water, sand, dirt, noise, and vibration.

Based on exact need, there are choices in conductor materials with radio translucent wire, tinned copper, carbon fiber, and copper being among the most popular. In addition, insulation options are offered, again with the material being chosen according to actual need.

Military cable assembles are also designed for aircraft and defense vehicles. These high quality systems are made to perform to high levels of reliability, durability, and consistency. At Star Engineering, Inc., the team of experts pay attention to even the smallest detail. These assemblies are perfectly designed, tested, and developed to help keep military personnel safe.

There are also customized military wiring assemblies. Star Engineering has the expertise needed to take a relatively simple concept and develop it into an incredibly designed assembly used by the military. The team of engineers can develop whatever the military needs in the form of wire assemblies and backs up every product. The team works with a wide range of materials and takes every step of the process serious to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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