QN-015 Requirements for Submittal of Inspection and/or Test Data


Requirements for Submittal of Inspection and/or Test Data
I. REQUIREMENTS. Any line item to be delivered against this purchase order shall be inspected/or tested to the extent required to provide objective, written evidence of its conformance to purchase order requirements.


 A. Data submittal. All inspection and/or tests required to prove full conformance of a line item to purchase order requirements must be recorded in writing and provided with each shipment of the line item to the Buyer. If the material requires Star Engineering Systems Company source inspection, the data will be made available for review by the Buyer’s Quality Representative prior to delivery. The data submitted shall cover the lot of material being shipped.

 B. Data Requirements. Recorded data shall include not only results of all routine inspections and tests, but in addition, any special selection tests, sampling tests or any other test or proving action employed to determine item conformance.

 C. Distributor Requirements (where applicable). If the Seller is a jobber or distributor of the item(s) provided by the purchase order, the Seller shall require the same performance obligations as the original manufacturer of the item(s) herein being purchased. Additionally, Seller shall secure from the manufacturer a right for Buyer to acquire or inspect at Buyer’s option, all pertinent data in that manufacturer’s possession showing item compliance to it(s) or Buyers performance specifications.

 D. Format. The exact format of the submitted data may vary from Seller to Seller, but shall contain the following minimum information:
1. Seller’s name
2. Seller’s purchase order number and revision
3. Buyer’s part number and purchase order number revision
4. Drawing/specification/supplier planning revision level
5. Number of items in lot
6. Number of items inspected
7. Sampling Plan Level (AQL%)
8. Lot number and date code
9. A summary listing of all (drawings notes where applicable), blueprint dimensions, process requirements, specification performance levels, etc. (attributes) and their corresponding tolerance limits.

Inspection/test results may be recorded in either of the following formats, or a combination thereof, as applicable and the Seller’s discretion.
1.Attribute Results. Indicate for each attribute of each item inspected whether or not it falls within tolerance requirements.
2. Variable Results. Record the exact measurement obtained for each attribute of each item inspected.
NOTE: As the variable results format is more cumbersome than the attributes approach, it is mandatory only if purchase order specifically requires it. Otherwise, the simpler attributes methods will apply.

E. Quality Approval. Data sheets/test reports shall bear evidence of acceptance by Sellers title, signature (or stamp) and date signed.

III. DISCLAIMER. The submission of inspection/test data as provided herein shall not modify or limit any representations, warranties or commitments made elsewhere or in any way affect the obligation of the Seller or perform strictly in accordance with the provisions of this purchase order.