QN-014 Supplier Change Request/Notification


Supplier Change Request/Notification

  1. All communication, technical guidance and instructions having contractual impact shall be accomplished directly between the Star Engineering Inc Buyer and the Supplier’s authorized representative.
  2. No changes in materials, processes, procedures, design interfaces, software and the facilities used for manufacturing, inspection, and test shall be made without prior written approval/acknowledgement from the Star Engineering Inc Buyer. This includes, but is not limited to, changes to Star Engineering directed sub-tier sources, facility relocation’s, new equipment, etc. Impact to form, fit or function will be assessed by the impacted programs.
  3. Prior to implementing a change the supplier shall submit a written request notifying Star Engineering of the change using the Engineering Change Request Notification (ECN) Form. ECN Form Completion Instructions provide the Suppler with guidance on the type of information required when completing the ECN Form. Star Engineering will communicate results back to the supplier via the Buyer.
  4. It is the Supplier’s responsibility to fully comply with all the instructions listed on the Star Engineering Purchase Order. Lack of written approval shall not relieve the Supplier of the responsibility to fully comply with all the requirements of the purchase order. The Supplier shall not receive compensation in any form from Star Engineering Inc for unauthorized activity.
  5. Star Engineering Inc Forms (if applicable) are located on the Star Engineering Inc Quality Notes website adjacent to the applicable quality note. Contact your Star Engineering Inc representative with any questions.