QN-013 Traceability



  1. The seller shall ensure all products shipped on this purchase order have one-way (backward) traceability. The seller shall be able to trace backward from the end deliverable item to all items used to produce it. Items include but are not limited to assemblies, sub-assemblies, electronic/electrical parts, raw materials, mechanical machined parts, special processes, and JAN Branded devices.

1.1 The seller shall ensure that Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) items procured from distributors have one-way (backward) traceability for the lot received from the OEM by the seller.

  1. The seller shall have a written detailed description of their system which complies with these traceability requirements and shall be available for review by the Buyer.
  2. The seller’s system shall provide for one-way (backward) traceability for all parts used in producing the part delivered to Star Engineering in accordance with this purchase order.
  3. The seller shall ensure that all parts consumed as part of the final delivered product can be traced to the lot received at the seller’s facility.
  4. The seller’s system shall provide a means of correlation between the data derived from the testing, inspection and processing of the parts.
  5. Traceability requirements shall also apply to parts that are modified, repaired or reworked. Each serialized part or sub-assembly shall be traceable backward, by circuit symbol or serial number.
  6. The seller shall apply this requirement to any sub-tier suppliers and incorporate sub-tier suppliers as part of the seller’s system.
  7. The seller shall retain their traceability records for the period specified on the Purchase Order and shall make them available to Star Engineering upon request.
  8. The seller shall include certification that Jan branded devices involved have received Government source inspection when required by MIL-PRF-19500.


  • Seller to deliver the following data to Star Engineering for information as required by this document.

o Written detailed description of seller’s traceability system only if requested, per requirement 2.

o Traceability records only if requested per requirement 8.


  • Traceability is not required to be maintained on bulk hardware items ordered to Mil-spec or industry standard part numbers, e.g., bolts, screws, nuts, terminals, rivets, clamps, washers, eyelets, etc. with the exception of parts ending with suffix “-TRC”.
  • Lot is defined as units of product that are of a single type, grade, class, size, and composition, manufactured under essentially the same conditions, and at essentially the same time.
  • Sub-assembly is defined as two or more parts which form a portion of the parts replaceable as a whole; but having a part or parts which are individually replaceable.