QN-008 Certificate of Conformance


Certificate of Conformance

1. The Seller shall provide a Certificate of Conformance with each shipment against this purchase order.
1.1 The Supplier shall ensure that the person who signs the Certificate of Conformance is authorized to do so.
2. The Certificate of Conformance shall contain the following information:
2.1 Seller’s name and address
2.2 Original Equipment Manufacturers’ name when different than Seller
2.3 Star Engineering Purchase Order number
2.4 Part number of item, drawing revision (including change notices, if not part of revision level), and quantity
shipped as specified on the purchase order
2.5 Serial number(s) or date code(s) or lot/batch/heat number(s), as applicable, of product shipped
2.6 Statement of conformance to all purchase order requirements. Seller certifies that the manufacturer and
Seller have performed all inspections and required tests identified on the Star Engineering Purchase Order and the
delivered items meet all of the requirements identified within the Star Engineering Purchase Order and all
referenced documents
2.7 The signature of the Seller’s authorized agent and date. Electronic signature is acceptable