QN-007 Packaging and Shipping


Packing and Shipping

  1. Packaging

Unless otherwise specified elsewhere in the contract, seller shall use best commercial practice for packing and packaging deliverables.

  1. Packing Slip

Each shipment must have a packing slip on the outside of the box for each purchase order inside the box. The packing slip must have the following:

  • Packing slip number ā€¢ Buyer’s P.O. number
  • P.O. item/Description, part number and quantity.
  • As applicableĀ· Part revision, Lot/Batch number, Serial Number
  1. Alternate Parts

Alternate, substitute or better-than part numbers may be furnished only when authorized in writing by the Star Engineering buyer and shall be clearly indicated on the shipping document.

  1. Inspection Documentation

Inspection data and certifications as required by the purchase order and any documents referenced therein, shall accompany each shipment.

  1. Consolidated Shipments

The container for shipments involving consolidation of items from two (2) or more purchase orders shall be marked “MULTIPACK” on the outside. Items for each purchase order must be packed separately in the intermediate packages with the packing slip and labeling describing contents on the outside of each intermediate package. Each unique item or group of packaged items (Le. screws) shall be marked such that it may be cross-referenced to a unique P.O. on the bill of lading or air bill without removing its protective packaging.