QN-006 ESD Requirements


Electro-Static Discharge
1. The supplier shall establish and implement an ESD Control Program that is compliant with the latest revision of MIL-STD-1686 and/or and JESD625 for electrical and electronic parts, assemblies, equipment, susceptible to damage from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).
2. The seller shall take the necessary precautions to ensure that static susceptible devices are adequately protected from ESD damage during manufacturing, test, inspection, packaging and shipping.
3. Packaging for ESD sensitive devices shall be marked with an ESD cautionary note or symbol.
4. Areas in which ESD items are handled shall be equipped with humidity monitoring devices. When the relative humidity drops below the permitted lower limit of 30%, all work on ESD items shall cease until either:
(4.1 The relative humidity increases to at least the lower limit.
4.2 Ionization equipment utilized at the ESD workstation must be turned on and properly positioned with respect to the product and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions.)
5. Anti-Static and Static Dissipative packing material (pink-poly formulations) must comply with the Contact Corrosive Testing in accordance with MIL-STD-3010 Method 3005.3.2.6. Anti-static and static dissipative packing material (pink-poly formulations) shall not be used in direct contact with Optics and Polycarbonates.