Maintenance of Cables for Durability and Ease of Performance

When it comes to any sort of cable assembly from manufacturers, even the highest quality setup can be inhibited by poor maintenance. That is why everyone needs to know what kind of maintenance they should be doing for their flat cable assembly or any other sets of cables. To help achieve optimal durability and ease of performance, here are the proper maintenance steps that need to be done for any cable assembly.

Tape Down Floor Cables

When any sort of cable assembly from manufacturers are being laid down across the ground, it is important that they are kept firmly in place to help avoid any tripping hazards. Failing to do this can not only damage the cables but also the physical wellbeing of your employees. The best way to get this done is to take some gaffer tape and securely lay it down over the top of the cables in order to help secure them in place and help draw attention to them.

Coil Cables Every Time

When ribbon cable assemblies are not being used, they should never be allowed to just sit in a pile because this puts an unnecessary amount of strain on the cables. That is why you need to make sure that you are coiling them each and every time.

But how you coil them is almost just as important as whether or not you coil them at all. Rather than relying on your forearm to coil the cable around, you should instead resort to either the over-over or over-under methods. And once you pick a method of coiling, it is important that you make sure to only use that method for that specific flat cable assembly from that point on since the cables will begin to form to that particular coiling pattern.

Jerk-Proof the Cables

If a flat cable assembly is ever placed somewhere that it might be accidentally jerked or yanked suddenly, then this can pose a significant threat to the rest of the network that it is attached to. Therefore, it is important that you are taking steps to help prevent this from happening, which is often known as jerk-proofing your cables.

The easiest way to get this done is by using one of the many simple devices that are on the marketplace that are specifically designed to jerk proofing cables and are relatively cheap.

By accomplishing these steps, you can help to make sure that you will be able to take proper care of your cable assemblies from manufacturers, including our high-quality ones from Star Engineering.


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