Introduction to Electronic Military Cables

Electronic military cables are somewhat different from cables used for more conventional applications and industries. Because these cables are to be subjected to harsh environments, operating conditions and critical situations for military personnel in the field, operation has to be flawless.

There are different types of electronic military cables made, it is important, therefore to work with a group of professionals who understand the client’s needs and also have the expertise to engineer products that meet these exacting strict specifications. The team at Star Engineering, Inc. does exactly that while also offering products that are competitively priced.

Much of the production of military cables requires hand assembly by a team of qualified operators who not only have many years experience in the cable assembly industry, but who have ongoing training to keep certifications current and skills honed.

All of the electronic military assemblies offered by Star Engineering are made to perfection and then 100% tested so the entire assembly can be confirmed. These cables are often intended for use in critical situations and as such, they have to guarantee exceptional service.

The experts at Star Engineering cater to very specialized and sophisticated needs with focus being on the different branches of the military. The company works hard to meet demanding requirements associated with the different defense applications for which electronic military cables are used.

Cable construction services offered by the company include design review by cable engineers with substantial industry experience and knowledge, lowest cost initiatives through design review and purchasing efforts which identify best source and alternative pricing and advance tracking of component obsolescence situations.A team that works with their customers as partners to provide the best service at the best price is basic of operating practice at Star Engineering, Inc.

In, addition to military cable assemblies, Star Engineering, Inc. is heavily involved with printed circuit board assemblies with in-house conformal coating capability, integrated electronic assemblies including in-house testing and loading of firmware and software, electro-mechanical assemblies, standard cable assemblies and re-work and upgrading of assemblies.

Specific to military cable, construction is customized to meet exact need. The company also ensures a fast turnaround regardless of how large or complex the project might be. Only the finest materials and workmanship are used and every product is 100% tested. Star Engineering, Inc. is an ITAR registered company complying with then spirit of the Dodd-Frank conflict minerals reporting and REACH.

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