Importance of High Quality Electrical Cable Assemblies

Today, the world of manufacturing specific to electronic equipment has become extremely competitive. Unfortunately, this means that some companies take shortcuts in an effort to keep costs down, which trickles down to the end-user who ends up with a subpar product. Star Engineering, Inc. takes great pride in using only the highest quality materials and using years of expertise when developing electrical cable assemblies.

No matter the industry or application involved, electronic cable assemblies are a critical part of a systems operation. These assemblies are designed to provide power and if not made correctly, electronic products will not work or they will work poorly. Therefore, it is critical to choose a company that pays close attention to every detail during the design, development, and production process.

Star Engineering through a strong engineering department understands customer requirements and products needed to supply a proper electrical cable assembly which will meet customer requirements at the lowest practical cost. In addition to meeting customer requirements, the company strives to offer value added engineering solutions improve performance and lower costs.

It is important to choose a company that considers every aspect of manufacturing from design through production, material availability and cost savings, design revisions and production efficiencies, from receipt of components through final test, packaging and shipping. The medical, military and other critical use of these assemblies requires every aspect of the design and build process has to be perfect.

Keeping costs down by use of continuos improvement philosophy, analyzing drawings, components and processes, suggesting alternatives and working with the customer as a business partner results in superior products at lowest cost without compromising quality.

Sophisticated applications which have the ability to resist even the most demanding environments while still meeting performance parameters are everyday products for these enterprising workers. Star Engineering manufactures electrical cable assemblies for the military. The opportunity to provide products which help our service men and woman perform their mission in as safe an environment as possible is something Star Engineering is very proud to be able to do.

All of the electrical cable assemblies manufactured by Star Engineering are made to last. As an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved company Star Engineering works to the highest standards. In addition to cables, the company offers a wide range of wire harnesses, integrated electronic assemblies, printed circuit board assemblies and value added services. Small lots to large production runs, simple to complex the engineering department at Star Engineering, Inc. is ready to help and every.

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