Importance of Cable Assembly in Electronic Warfare

Electronic warfare (EW) is the use of the electromagnetic spectrum to defend against cyber attacks and to execute attacks. EW can take place anywhere—on land, in air, and even at sea—but to the naked eye, it remains unseen. EW is not as dramatic as more traditional tactics of warfare (think missiles and explosions) but it remains just as vicious. In order to execute electronic warfare, reliable cable assembly is needed.

Engineering Challenges

When it comes to electronic warfare, cable assembly manufacturers need to create cables that are sturdy and reliable. It is imperative that these applications do not fail. Cable assembly components must be able to survive even in the most extreme temperatures and harshest elements. Additionally, applications of electronic warfare need to be as portable as possible. Manufacturers must ensure that they are as lightweight and small as they are rugged, with wide bandwidth support.

Assemblies and Interconnects

Flat cable assembly and interconnects are essential components of EW. For example, navy jets use radar jamming systems, and EW technology that is used to sabotage enemy radar systems. A radar’s jamming system uses a number of cable assemblies as well as interconnects and other connectors. If any of these components break, the entire EW system could fail.

Though radar jamming isn’t considered the most cutting edge—primitive jamming systems date back to the late 1950’s—these previous analog systems have now become digital. Today’s engineers are now focused on new methods to provide a wider range of enemy threat prevention. Current EW technologies have also been created with improved precision and reliability.

Cable Assembly Connectors

There are a number of available connector options that can meet different requirements of the EW application. The following connectors are well known for their durability. These are the components of choice for military solutions.

Protective filter connectors: these are important components to many EW technologies. Protective filter connectors are used to protect applications from dust, debris, and other contaminants. Cable assembly manufacturers use these connectors for military and aerospace applications.

Versatile D-sub connectors: these connectors are generally used for military defense applications in which strict regulations need to be met. These connector types are available in many different mounts, density variants, and layouts.
Rugged micro-D connectors: these connectors have optimal power capabilities while using only half the space of the previously mentioned D-sub connector. The name alone identifies these connectors as rugged and reliable. micro-D connectors are used in missiles, aerospace crafts, and navigational systems.

Effective Assembly Solutions

Electronic warfare is changing and expanding at an incredible pace. More demand for EW applications means a rising demand for flat cable assembly products. Star Engineering has reliable cable assembly items available that can meet the needs of even the most complicated EW projects. Connect with Star Engineering today for more information on our engineering services.

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