Impact of RF Trends in Electronics on Connectors

With the new wave of trends in every industry, it can be hard to keep up these days. This is why manufacturers have been working hard in order to meet all of the everchanging RF trends by offering a variety of cable assemblies including RF cable assemblies, coaxial cable assemblies and medical cable assemblies. In this article, we will be discussing what each of these cable assemblies are as well as how the different RF trends are impacting connectors. Continue reading below to learn more.

What are RF Cable Assemblies?

RF cable assemblies are now a requirement when it comes to certain system applications. These new requirements are RF cables that can disconnect on command. Due to this requirement, connectors can experience problems with disconnecting at the wrong times. Connector options need to be more flexible to meet these applications without affecting the higher frequency and performance needs of the system.

What are Coaxial Cable Assemblies?

Coaxial cables offer better transmission capacity over others, such as twisted match cables. This considers of a simple transmission of many data sorts, including data, voice and video. In addition to this, they also offer lower error rates and support different stations due to their versatile frequency range and overall capabilities.

What are Medical Cable Assemblies?

These cable assemblies are designed to connect medical and laboratory instruments and equipment. Medical cable assemblies transmit power and data and typically have an abrasion-resistant jacket in order to provide low surface friction and mechanical durability.

Trends and Advances in Technology

Technology is moving forward at an immense speed which is why it is crucial that engineering companies keep up with this pace. To name a few of these new RF trends in electronics and connectors, these are the top three to pay close attention to:

  1. Higher frequency demands in order to provide greater data transmission
  2. Variable connection and disconnection capabilities
  3. Newer design capabilities in order to help reduce compression

Many of these trends require connector designs to be more flexible. This is why it is important to speak with a company that specializes in these different kinds of cable assemblies. Star Engineering manufacturers electronic cable assemblies based on customer requirements, right from prototyping to production. We offer full range of electronic cable and wiring harness assemblies for a variety of cables types, including flat ribbon, coaxial, battery, multi-conductor cables and more. Star Engineering offers a variety of services including multi-conductor cable assemblies, coaxial cable assemblies, battery cable assemblies, IDC flat ribbon cable assemblies, wire jumper assemblies, military assemblies, and medical cable assemblies. Contact us today and speak to our team of experts in order to ensure you stay on top of these ever-changing RF trends.

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