How to Reduce Moisture During the Coaxial Cable Assembly Process

Rf coaxial cables are extremely important in a number of industries. The rf coaxial cable assembly process requires precision, experience, and the right resources. However, even an experienced rf coaxial cable manufacturer can have issues during the assembly process. One of the most common problems is the deterioration of the rf cable. This is often caused by moisture seeping into the coaxial cable. Moisture is never good for rf coaxial cables and can have a significant, negative effect on the lifespan of the cable. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that one can minimize the chances of moisture seeping into their rf coaxial cables.

Avoid Temperature Swings

One of the primary ways that moisture enters an rf coaxial cable is through the antenna. This is often caused by major temperature swings during the coaxial cable assembly process. As the air heats up and cools down, moisture particles begin to form. These moisture particles can seep into the antenna unnoticed. This can cause major issues in the future. This is especially the case for commercial aircraft, as the air around them is constantly changing in temperature. To avoid future issues, coaxial cable assemblies should be done in a dry area that has a consistent temperature.

Air Dry

After the rf coaxial cables have been installed, it is important to regularly air dry them. This will ensure that there is no moisture trapped in the rf coaxial cable. However, air drying the cable is just the first step. It is important to also remove the connector from the cable and re-terminate it, as air drying alone will only temporarily solve most issues.

Replace Connectors

When the moisture can’t be removed by air drying, it is most likely necessary to replace the connectors. This will ensure that there is no moisture build up. Modern connectors have the ability to be weatherproofed. These weatherproofed connectors feature a protective layer over the dual-wall shrink tube. These weatherproof connectors can drastically minimize the chances of moisture entering into the rf coaxial cables.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that rf coaxial cables are extremely important in a number of industries. However, despite the importance of rf coaxial cables, they are not always perfect. Many rf coaxial cable manufacturers accidentally let moisture seep into their products. This moisture buildup can cause numerous issues down the road, such as deterioration. Thankfully, some rf coaxial cable manufacturers are capable of producing quality products that meet and exceed industry standards. By choosing one of these manufacturers, you can be confident in the product that you are purchasing and the product that you are selling to your customers.


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