How to Cut Costs on Electronic Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are an integral part of almost all industrial projects. Due to this high importance, a lot of time and effort gets put into designing the perfect custom cable assembly. The more time being spent on the design, the more money that is being eaten up in the process. Make sure you’re reviewing the bill if materials list, as well as the specifications list before deciding on the design. These cost-cutting tips will allow you to save on electronic cable assemblies.

1. Choose the Right Raw Materials

With the previously mentioned documents, you will have a much easier time choosing the right raw materials. Raw materials like labels, shrink tubes, and connectors are often ordered in bulk by cable assembly manufacturers. After this process is complete, the manufacturer needs to determine which combination of materials can get the best results. This procedure can take a lot of time, which then results in a lot of money being wasted. If the manufacturer determines what material they want to use beforehand, this step can be taken out and fewer materials are wasted in the process.

2. Pick the Correct Connectors

Several different types of connectors are often used in custom cable assemblies. Usually, connectors are installed during assembly, by using the crimped or hand-soldered method. Depending on the way connectors are installed, the price tag can fluctuate higher or lower. If you can understand each characteristic the transmission possesses that the electronic cable assemblies will need to handle, you can choose the right connectors on your first try.

3. Use Wires to Cut Costs

Wiring is one of the most expensive costs when creating custom cable assemblies. This step is one that might not even be required. The wiring is used as an application for the cable assemblies. Wiring is chosen because of the certification guidelines that it adheres to. If the certification is correct, you will often have an easier time trying to find the right wires for the job. This means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

4. Cable Conductors

As with most products; the smaller the size, the less costly it will be. This is definitely the case for cable conductors. The cable conductor will need to be chosen based on the application needs. The number can be small, but it must be able to meet the application requirements for it to work.

Finding the smallest conductor that will work for your assembly shouldn’t affect the electricity transmission, as long as it meets all the necessary requirements. The costs will be reduced because of this. Star Engineering has a numerous amount of electronic cable assemblies as well as cable conductors and other assembly materials.


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