How to Choose an PCB Assembly Company

While most customers have no idea what a PCB is, they use them each and every day. Their only concern is; will the product utilizing the PCB work the way it’s supposed to. One way to ensure this, is to choose the appropriate manufacturing company. Any company who is outsourcing their PCB assembly processes is likely to be uneasy. It can make or break their company and their future. When PCB assemblies fail, customers will likely not want to purchase your company’s products any longer. So how do you choose the best partner for your printed circuit board assembly?

Choosing a Printed Circuit Board Assembly Partner

It is important to know what goes into PCB assembly. It’s a manufacturing process which takes a blank circuit board and places electronic components on them to make them functional. This is completed by one of two methods:

  • Surface-Mount Technology
  • Through-Hole Manufacturing

Surface-Mount Technology

This is the process used for most of the PCB manufacturing industry. It can create products in one-third the size and one-tenth the weight of those boards manufactured using the through-hole manufacturing. It is far more cost-effective and faster than the through-hole manufacturing technique. The manufacturer mounts components directly onto the board’s surface and allows for PCB custom assembly.

Through-Hole Manufacturing

This is an older method than surface-mount technology. This method creates a stronger bond between the components and the circuit board which makes the boards more durable than those created through surface-mount technology. This makes them ideal for components used in applications with a high degree of mechanical stress or harsh environmental factors.

Choosing a Partner

Vetting a partner is important. Ensure they are able to deliver the PCB assemblies you need. Some of the most important qualities to consider when looking for printed circuit board assembly companies to work with are listed below:

  • Follow an Appropriate Timeline
  • Consider Experience
  • Evaluate Quality
  • Explore Testing Options
  • Customer Support Options
  • Compare Costs
  • Watch for Red Flags

Follow and Appropriate Timeline

It is important for companies to be able to meet your deadlines when manufacturing your PCB assemblies. Ensure that they can meet those milestones before agreeing to partner with them.

Consider Experience

Manufacturers need to have experience in manufacturing PCB assemblies. They should be able to answer these questions:

  • What Batch Sizes Do They Typically Work With?
  • Can they Do Surface-Mount and Through-Hole Manufacturing?
  • What Kinds of Products Have They Manufactured in the Past?
  • What Industries Do They Typically Work In?
  • What Services Do They Provide?

Whether you are in the market for multiple projects or a single one, Star Engineering provides the best in circuit board assembly options. Reach out to us today and find out more information about Star Engineering.

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