Factors To Consider When Designing Electro Mechanical Assembly

Electro-Mechanical AssembliesUpgrading your facility’s electro mechanical assembly is a process that should be taken with all seriousness and has several factors that should be taken into consideration.

There are specific requirements that need to be met, costs that need to be considered, and technical issues that need to be addressed. All those and more will influence the design, process flow, timing and other aspects of the upgrade project.

You will ultimately be discussing all those things with your electromechanical device manufacturer, but before that here is an overview of primary factors that have to be addressed.

Design and Revision

The technology of electromechanical systems is in constant, rapid development. When upgrading or replacing the assembly, consult your electromechanical device manufacturer and evaluate your product’s components for optimal quality and cost. In some cases your existing design can be upgraded and modified, in others it is more cost-effective to have it replaced in its entirety.

The Timing Aspect

Your final product assembly should have requirements that allow for timely delivery of specific parts within set timeframes. Make sure your manufacturing partner can monitor every part of the electromechanical assembly using RFID tags or a barcode system to ensure your product is up to spec at all times.

Real World Testing

An electromechanical assembly has to endure a lot of use. This usage should be built into the design to ensure the system performs in a reliable manner. Your electromechanical device manufacturer should be there to test the new or upgraded system for durability, structural integrity, precision over time and more. This testing phase is the safety net and should be taken in all seriousness. Make doubly sure it is provided for. Without being tested and proven, a great design is just that – a design.

Software and Support

Electromechanical systems are half hardware and half software. Your manufacturer should have engineers on staff to provide for your software needs during the upgrading process and for support later on, after the launch. Another aspect of support is logistics and inventory. Make sure you get your electro mechanical assembly from a reliable manufacturer. One who’s able to respond to an evolving market, meet delivery schedules, provide parts and services on demand and generally has a reputation for reliability and quality.

If you are looking for a reliable electromechanical device manufacturer, contact us and we will make sure your project gets off the ground.