Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Coaxial Cable Assemblies are ordinarily utilized basically in any vehicle application that uses RF coaxial cable as the data transmission conductor. Coaxial cable assemblies are also referred to as RF cable assemblies. The customised coaxial cable assembly requirements are fulfilled by cutting, terminating and testing cables to your specification. Star Engineering also offers a wide range of RF connectors – BNC, SMA, SMB TNC and other RF assemblies.

The cables utilized as a part of every single coaxial design are flexible, low loss, semi-rigid, and conformable. They serve a wide assortment of market and is 100% dimensional and Test/Diagnostic Inspection capable.

Benefits of coaxial cable assemblies include:

High data transfer capacity: Coaxial cables give better transmission capacity over others, such as twisted match cables. This considers of a simple transmission of many data sorts, including data, voice and video.

Supports different stations: The versatile frequency range of coaxial cables allow for broadband throughput capabilities.

Low error rates: Low obstruction (regularly one of every 1 billion bits for each second [bps]) enhances execution for maximum speed and quality.

If you are not aware about the cable you should utilize, or have an unfamiliar connector/assembly you need duplicated, contact us and we can help design the assembly or match the connectors required.

Coaxial Cable Assemblies
RF Cable Assemblies
RF cable assemblies
Coaxial Cable Assemblies
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