Quick Turn PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services

From an initial concept or design through production, STAR ENGINEERING, INC, is dedicated to PCB manufacturing and assembly solutions, providing its customers with quality, consistency and a wide range of products at competitive prices. Since 1980,our ability to provide such service stems from a dedicated core of experienced employees who take pride in the product they produce. Our wide range of capabilities enable us to start or end a project or service at any point in the cycle based on customer needs and common sense. We have successfully served our customer base in such diverse disciplines as printed circuit board assemblies (PCB Assembly), wire harness and cable assemblies,integrated systems (box builds), soldering, potting, functional testing, packaging. We also provide advanced PCB manufacturing solutions and circuit board fabrication services. We can operate from customer supplied materials or provide “turnkey” service where it makes sense to both the customer and us. Our Quality team will test products to the customer’s specifications before shipping. We routinely build custom test fixtures for testing.

Low-Cost PCB Fabrication

Star Engineering welcomes small to medium volume production as well as prototype assemblies and quick turn PCB’s. Our unique mix of automated equipment and skilled personnel allows the ultimate flexibility when scheduling and pricing jobs of varying sizes.

Our dedicated core team in each of these three service groups is specially trained to efficiently handle quick turn, short run jobs enabling us to provide you high quality products at competitive prices with unmatched flexibility.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our printed circuit board manufacturing solutions, or get a quick PCB fabrication quote.

The Star Engineering Advantage

  • Flexible Lean Manufacturing
  • Vendor Managed Inventories
  • Program Management
  • Quick turn and proto-type services
  • Safety Stock programs
  • Kanban and JIT programs

PCB Assembly Capabilities

Star Engineering is one of the renowned manufacturer of high quality PCB fabrication and turnkey assembly services based in USA. Since 1980 we have been a leader in providing printed circuit boards, cable assemblies, SMT assemblies to OEMs serving a wide range of industries. We focus on customer satisfaction and aim to provide the best quality and latest products to our customers.

PCB Markets

As a leading PCB manufacturing company in the USA, we build circuit boards for aerospace, commercial industries, automotive, marine and medical markets.